West Virginia’s business tax climate ranking was the third worst in the nation just a dozen years ago.

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The U.S. Department of Labor reports that in 2016, West Virginia added 7,000 new jobs to its overall economy. Read More


As a new year begins, attention is correctly turning to priorities for our state and nation.

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The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting and Business Summit is behind us. Read More

The book on West Virginia’s terrible litigation climate over the last decade is well-known and oft-cited. But with its historic legislative session this year, Read More

West Virginia liberals expended a great deal of energy last week trying to paint the annual meeting of the state Chamber of Commerce as a sinister conclave of elites with an “extreme” agenda. Read More

The pathway to finding a job and the buying power and security brought by steady employment is becoming less and less real for too many West Virginians. Read More

I have fallen back in love with West Virginia. Read More

By several measures, many children in West Virginia are in an educational crisis and that crisis is most profound for low income children. Read More

In a little over two weeks, voters across the United States and in West Virginia will head to the polls to cast their votes for candidates they feel will best represent their values and interests in our nation’s capitol, state capitols, county seats and city halls. Read More