West Virginia Wins with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

West Virginia comes out winning with passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, championed by U.S. Senators Shelley Moore-Capito and Joe Manchin and Congressman David B. McKinley.

The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce were both in strong support of this legislation as it is the first major “hard infrastructure” package to pass Congress in more than a decade.

Thanks to the strong support of Senator Capito, Senator Manchin and Congressman McKinley, the Mountain State is set to gain nearly $4.4 billion to much-needed infrastructure needs.

Improving West Virginia Roads:

West Virginia is slated to gain more than $3 billion in highway funding over the next five years. These funds will make sure our roads are safe and will help further connect West Virginia to major economic markets and finish major projects such as Corridor H.


Investing in Aviation:

West Virginia’s airports will get improvements to the tune of nearly $44 million. This funding will increase travel to West Virginia and drive economic development throughout the state.


Bridging the Gap:

There are more than 1,545 bridges in West Virginia that are considered in “poor” condition. Under the bipartisan effort, the Mountain State will receive $506 million for bridge replacement and upgrades, ensuring safety for drivers in West Virginia.


Clean Drinking Water for All:

Water infrastructure will get a $487 million boost over five years to address aging water and wastewater systems and ensure clean drinking water is available in all communities.


Connecting West Virginia with Broadband Coverage:

West Virginia is set to receive a minimum allocation of $100 million for broadband coverage across the state, providing funding for unserved and underserved communities first. Additionally, 31% of people in West Virginia will be eligible for help for low-income families to afford internet access. This is crucial funding to ensure our population is connected to the world.


Public Transportation Improvements:

$190 million will make its way to West Virginia to improve public transportation options for our citizens.


Plugged In: Electric Vehicle Support:

As electric vehicle popularity grows, so too will funding to ensure drivers can stay charged up. West Virginia will gain $46 million for electric vehicle charging stations across the state.


Protecting West Virginians Against Natural Disasters and Cyberattacks:

West Virginians have a deep understanding of the devastation caused by disasters – both natural and man-made. Under this bill, the state will receive $11 million to protect against wildfires and $14 million will be allocated to protect against cyberattacks.