Business Advocacy

The West Virginia Chamber's business advocacy and issues program works with business leaders throughout the state to promote key business policy matters and to support job retention and creation. The Chamber is the business community's voice in the halls of government for policies and laws that promote business enterprise. The organization also serves as the best insurance against laws and regulations that stifle business profitability. Member companies are kept informed on legislative matters that impact business, are directed in helping to make positions known to legislators and are involved in shaping the business agenda.


Among the victories of the West Virginia Chamber and its members have been:

  • Major reforms to and privatization of the state's Workers’ Compensation system
  • Passage of Right-to-Work
  • Regulatory reforms that promote fairness and efficiency
  • Reduction in business taxes
  • Passage of several insurance and legal-reform measures
  • A solution to the state's medical malpractice crisis
  • Creation of added health insurance options
  • Stoppage of onerous labor-backed measures (captive communications, mandatory overtime prohibitions)
  • Tax relief for the technology services industry
  • Passage of PEIA Reform to ensure solvency of plan
  • Passage of childcare tax credit legislation for employers
  • Tax relief for all West Virginians
  • Passage of tax reform for pass-through entities