Member Involvement

The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce provides companies and individuals with unparalleled networking and business-to-business opportunities. A member's support for the Chamber’s efforts also generates a tangible "return on investment” that is most evident in the key outcomes achieved during the past several years. Members have joined because they believe in what our organization stands for and have seen firsthand the success we have achieved on behalf of business.

Recent Chamber Outcomes

  • Passage of Senate Bill 656, a major workforce and jobs bill designed to incentivize employers to create childcare facilities on their premises
  • Passage of Senate Bill 1, Making West Virginia the 26th Right-to-Work State
  • Comprehensive Legal Reform that has promoted fairness and predictability in our courts
  • Creation of an Intermediate Appellate Court.
  • Electing a moderate West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
  • Annexation Reform to Ensure Small Businesses and Individuals Have a Voice
  • Regulatory Reform that Promotes Fairness and Efficiency
  • Reductions In The Corporate Net Tax; Elimination Of Business Franchise Tax
  • Workers’ Comp Reforms, Privatization and Premium Cuts
  • Insurance Reforms Amounting To $100 Million In Savings
  • Tax Exemption, Credits For Technology Companies
  • Improved Business Climate
  • Health Care Options For Small Business
  • Stabilized Medical Environmental Thanks To Medical Malpractice Reforms
  • Passage of PEIA Reform to ensure solvency of plan
  • Passage of childcare tax credit legislation for employers
  • Tax relief for all West Virginians
  • Passage of tax reform for pass-through entities

The West Virginia Chamber also has worked to defeat a number of anti-employer proposals, including captive communications, personnel records requirements, collective bargaining for public employees, and a major increase in the unemployment compensation tax.

Moving Forward with a Vision for the Future:

  • Education Reform
  • Workforce Training and Readiness
  • Small Business and Competitive Business Climate
  • Fair Courts
  • Manufacturing and Energy Production
  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • Good Government
  • Tourism
  • Health and Quality of Life Issues