Comeback Story


West Virginia's Comeback Story – West Virginia is in the midst of an economic recovery. More jobs, increased revenue collections, and more investment in West Virginia are the signs that this recovery is continuing. This piece summarizes the important pieces of legislation that have helped put West Virginia on the right track.


HR Journal


HR Journal – Making sure your business is up-to-date on the latest trends and issues in human resources management is important for every employer. The West Virginia Chamber’s HR Journal makes sure you know what is needed to maintain best employment practices.



Quarterly Report – The West Virginia Chamber produces a quarterly report that is sent to all members. Articles highlight the important developments from across the state that affect Chamber members.




Court Watch


Courtwatch – Published in August of each year, this publication summarizes important business decisions handed down by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. Summaries are prepared by some of the top attorneys in West Virginia and discuss how judicial decisions will affect your business.



Campaign for Jobs Digest – The West Virginia Campaign for Jobs Digest is published in January of each year and highlights key indicators of the state’s business climate. West Virginia is measured against the rest of the country on over 60 indicators of economic health and well-being.


Legislative Scorecard


Legislative Scorecard – Knowing how your legislator voted on key job creation and economic development bills is important to being an informed voter. To this end, the West Virginia Chamber publishes its Legislative Scorecard, tracking each member of the West Virginia Legislature on a variety of bills that can affect, either positively or negatively, the state’s jobs climate.