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Historic Low Unemployment Numbers & Strong Job Growth Show West Virginia is Emerging Stronger


Charleston, W.Va. - The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce is celebrating another record-breaking month for unemployment rates in the state.

The unemployment rate for December came in at 3.7%, marking the third month in a row the unemployment level has decreased.

Steve Roberts, President of the West Virginia Chamber, said, “West Virginia is emerging stronger and these low employment numbers and strong job growth numbers show that. The recent accomplishments will continue to push the Mountain State toward a brighter future.”

As West Virginia continues to grow, the Chamber’s vision is to have a West Virginia where everyone has an opportunity to live, work, thrive and raise a family.

West Virginia Chamber members are located in every county and employ more than half of the state’s workforce. Most are small businesses who want a healthier, more prosperous Mountain State.

The Chamber supports a modern “21st Century” tax structure that encourages job growth and capital formation, providing every child a world-class education, improving infrastructure that allows for ease of transportation and high-speed fiber access for all areas of West Virginia, ensuring fairness and stability in West Virginia’s courts, using West Virginia’s vast natural resources responsibly, improving the health and quality of life for all citizens and implementing best business practices in government to guarantee efficiency and optimal performance.

Chamber members believe that our state must address issues that will drive economic development, job creation and better education outcomes for our children.

Roberts continued, “These are the goals of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. With the momentum of historic economic development, coupled with strong job growth and record-breaking low unemployment, West Virginia is positioned for success.”

Roberts concluded, “With job growth at nearly pre-pandemic levels, more than a billion in West Virginia’s rainy day fund and being on track to exceed general revenue by $700 million, our state is primed for expansion.”

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Members of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce are your small business neighbors. Chamber members employ over half of our state’s workforce and are found in every county and region of our state. More information on the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce can be found at



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