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Several North Central West Virginia lawmakers receive top marks on annual scorecard

Multiple lawmakers representing North Central West Virginia have been rated “100% Job Friendly” by the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

The rankings gave each of the 134 members of the West Virginia Legislature a percentage out of 100% based on how they voted based on 12 different bills, including some votes taken on amendments to those bills, during the regular 2023 session.

Sen. Ben Queen, R-Harrison; Del. Keith Marple, R-Harrison; Del. Clay Riley, R-Harrison; and Sen. Mike Oliverio, R-Monongalia, all received a rating of 100%.

A total of 39 lawmakers received rankings of 100%, said Chamber President Steve Roberts.

“We were very pleased that 15 members of the Senate and 24 members of the House of Delegates received a 100% on this year’s scorecard,” he said. “Those scores are only possible when legislators are willing to make the hard decisions and cast the difficult votes on important policy items that will make West Virginia a better place to live, work and raise a family.”

Other North Central West Virginia Lawmaker rankings are as follows:

  • Del. Mickey Petitto, R-Harrison — 88%
  • Del. Laura Kimble, R-Harrison — 84%
  • Del. Amy Summers, R-Taylor — 80.65%
  • Del. Joey Garica, D-Marion — 75%
  • Del. John Williams, D-Monongalia — 66.67%
  • Sen. Jay Taylor, R-Taylor — 66.67%
  • Sen. Mike Caputo, D-Marion — 62.5%
  • Del. Evan Hansen, D-Monongalia — 56%
  • Del. Geno Chiarelli, R-Monongalia — 48.39%
  • Del. Danielle Walker, D-Monongalia — 45.16%
  • Sen. Patrick Martin, R-Lewis — 36.67%

In addition to the votes taken by lawmakers, Chamber members also considered additional categories — “business engagement” and “leadership qualities” — to determine a final rankings.

For a full list of the bills and amendments considered when determining the results of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 Legislative Scorecard, visit


Story by Charles Young, WVNews


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