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WV Chamber earns first place awards in four categories from Association of State Chamber Professionals (WV News)


CHARLESTON — The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce recently earned four first-place awards from the Association of State Chamber Professionals.

The association gave six awards to state chambers of commerce for six achievement categories. Of those, the West Virginia Chamber earned first place for:

— Greatest Growth in Total Revenue

— Greatest Retention in Money

— Greatest Growth in Non-Dues Revenue

— Greatest Retention in Member Numbers

“The awards won by the West Virginia Chamber are a tribute to the outstanding members of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. Without them, none of this would have been possible,” said West Virginia Chamber President Steve Roberts.

“The competition to win these awards is incredibly steep. The state chambers of commerce from around the nation that were in contention represent some of the most accomplished and successful advocacy organizations in the United States.

“The association is the professional society of the top membership, marketing and communications professionals from state chambers of commerce from across the country. It provides access to proven methods and new approaches, through industry leaders and outside resources, to grow chambers in both membership numbers and total revenue.

“The members of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce are the job creators and the economic engine of West Virginia. It’s on their behalf that the West Virginia Chamber works every day to make our state a place where jobs can be created and everyone can prosper,” Roberts said.

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