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W.Va. Chamber PAC Announces 2018 Primary Election Endorsements


Charleston, W.Va. – The West Virginia Chamber Political Action Committee today announced its endorsements for the 2018 Primary Elections in West Virginia.  In the race for the United States Senate, the West Virginia Chamber PAC is endorsing Rep. Evan Jenkins in the Republican Primary.  West Virginia Chamber President Steve Roberts stated, “Congressman Jenkins has consistently voted for policies that will further job creation and economic development while serving in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the West Virginia Legislature.  His history of supporting pro-business initiatives and his legislative experience combined to make him the strong favorite among Chamber members.  During his time in the West Virginia Legislature, he maintained a 100% record with the West Virginia Chamber.  The Chamber PAC strongly endorses his Primary campaign for the U.S. Senate.”

In the races for the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. David B. McKinley and Rep. Alex Mooney have both been endorsed in their re-election campaigns.  Roberts continued, “In the race for the open seat in the 3rd Congressional District, we noted that several top-notch candidates are running.  The Chamber PAC gave the nod to current Delegate Carol Miller due to her time as Chair of the House Small Business Committee and her seniority in the West Virginia House of Delegates, during which she has maintained a nearly flawless record on advancing legislation that promotes job creation and economic development.”

The Chamber PAC, which announced the endorsements, is the political arm of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, which is the state’s leading association of employers whose priority is job creation and economic development.  Chamber members employ over half of West Virginia’s workforce. 

In addition to the races for United States Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, the Chamber PAC announced endorsements in several legislative races.  All endorsements made were based on criteria which included voting records, questionnaires and interviews with the candidates.  To view a full list of all endorsements made by the Chamber PAC, please see below:


2018 Primary Election Endorsements


United States Senate

Evan Jenkins (R)


United States House of Representatives

David B. McKinley (R) – 1st District

Alex Mooney (R) – 2nd District

Carol Miller (R) – 3rd District


West Virginia Senate Candidates

Ryan Ferns (R) – 1st District

Charles Clements (R) – 2nd District

Mike Azinger (R) – 3rd District

Mark Maynard (R) – 6th District

Ed Gaunch (R) – 8th District

Lynne Arvon (R) – 9th District

Boogie Ambler (R) – 10th District

Robert Karnes (R) – 11th District

Mike Oliverio (R) – 13th District

Charles Trump (R) – 15th District

Tom Takubo (R) – 17th District


West Virginia House of Delegates Candidates

Mark Zatezalo (R) – 1st District

Erikka Storch (R) – 3rd District

Dalton Haas (R) – 3rd District

Jason Harshbarger (R) – 7th District

Bill Anderson (R) – 8th District

Ray Hollen (R) – 9th District

Vernon Criss (R) – 10th District

Frank Deem (R) – 10th District

John Kelly (R) – 10th District

Martin Atkinson (R) – 11th District

Steve Westfall (R) – 12th District

Joshua Higginbotham (R) – 13th District

Scott Cadle (R) – 13th District

Jim Butler (R) – 14th District

Geoff Foster (R) – 15th District

John Mandt (R) – 16th District

Jarred Cannon (R) – 16th District

Daniel Linville (R) – 16th District

Joyce Holland (R) – 17th District

Evan Worrell (R) – 18th District

Mark Dean (R) – 21st District

Joe Jeffries (R) – 22nd District

Joe Ellington (R) – 27th District

John Shott (R) – 27th District

Mike Swatts (R) – 27th District

Roy Cooper (R) – 28th District

Jeffrey Pack (R) – 28th District

Brandon Steele (R) – 29th District

Chanda Adkins (R) – 31st District

Kayla Kessinger (R) – 32nd District

Austin Haynes (R) – 32nd District

Roger Hanshaw (R) – 33rd District

Charlotte Lane (R) – 35th District

Moore Capito (R) – 35th District

Eric Nelson (R) – 35th District

Chris Pritt (R) – 36th District

Sharon Lewis Malcolm (R) – 39th District

Mike House (R) – 43rd District

Patrick Martin (R) – 46th District

Danny Hamrick (R) – 48th District

Ben Queen (R) – 48th District

Terry Waxman (R) – 48th District

Amy Summers (R) – 49th District

Debbie Warner (R) – 51st District

Joe Statler (R) – 51st District

Cindy Frich (R) – 51st District

Roger Shuttlesworth (R) – 51st District

Terri Sypolt (R) – 52nd District

D. Rolland Jennings (R) – 53rd District

Gary Howell (R) – 56th District

Ruth Rowan (R) – 57th District

Daryl Cowles (R) – 58th District

Larry W. Faircloth (R) – 60th District

Tom Bibby (R) – 62nd District

Eric Householder (R) – 64th District

Paul Espinosa (R) – 66th District




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