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W.Va. Chamber Releases Tool to Track Education Progress


Charleston, W.Va. – A new tool is now available to track public education progress in West Virginia. The “Education Dashboard” that was prepared by the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce contains interactive graphics and information on a wide variety of metrics related to education in the state.

West Virginia Chamber President Steve Roberts stated, “Ensuring that all West Virginia children receive a world-class education and are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow is one of the primary goals of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. This is absolutely essential if we are to continue the economic growth that has occurred over the past few years.”

Feedback from West Virginia Chamber members, who are located in all fifty-five counties and employ over half of the state’s workforce, was one of the primary reasons the Education Dashboard was created. Roberts continued, “Unfortunately, education results in West Virginia continue to lag behind most states. Members of the West Virginia Chamber have reported that they are very concerned about the quality of public education and the talent pipeline for the future. We hope the Education Dashboard will help raise public awareness about how our state compares to others and spur needed conversation and action to ensure our children are prepared for the future.”

Topics covered by the Education Dashboard include:

  • Student Performance
  • School Performance
  • Education Finances & Spending
  • Education Attainment
  • A comparison of West Virginia's education laws with other states

All information that is presented has been gathered from reputable, non-partisan sources. To view and explore the Education Dashboard, please visit

Members of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce are your small business neighbors. Chamber members employ over half of our state’s workforce and are found in every county and region of our state.



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