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West Virginia Chamber of Commerce Releases 2021 Legislative Scorecard


Charleston, W.Va. - The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce has recently published its 2021 Legislative Scorecard, highlighting the votes taken by all 134 members of the Legislature on issues related to economic development and job creation.

West Virginia Chamber President Steve Roberts stated, “The Chamber’s annual scorecard has been published each year for nearly a decade. This tool helps Chamber members have a clear and objective view of how various legislators vote on the issues that matter to creating a better economy in our state. The transparency this tool brings to the political process in our state is invaluable.”

The 2021 Legislative Scorecard examines votes taken on twenty issues that cover a wide array of topics. 89 of the 134 members of the Legislature, representing both political parties, received a score of 80% or higher on this year’s report.

Roberts continued, “The high scores of so many legislators on this year’s scorecard supports what we have been saying – that the 2021 Session of the West Virginia Legislature was one of the most meaningful in recent memory. From passing the nation’s most comprehensive COVID-19 liability shield to substantial efforts to improve broadband and attract remote workers, many positive pieces of legislation were completed.”

Brian Dayton, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy for the Chamber, explained process for the scorecard: “The Chamber’s annual scorecard is truly a member-driven process. Following each session, a committee of West Virginia Chamber members gathers and discusses which issues should be highlighted on the scorecard. Additionally, this committee recommends how much “weight” should be given to each issue. Their work product is then sent to the West Virginia Chamber Board of Directors for final approval.”

Roberts concluded, “I encourage everyone to visit and check out the scorecard. We have this set up on our website to be very user-friendly. Visitors can search for legislators by political party, House or Senate, county, or legislative district. We want this to be a feature for our members and the general public to better understand the work of their elected officials.”

Members of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce are your small business neighbors. Chamber members employ over half of our state’s workforce and are found in every county and region of our state. More information on the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce can be found at



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