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West Virginia Chamber's Concerns Regarding House Impeachment Proceedings



TO: Members of the West Virginia House of Delegates

FROM: Steve Roberts, President – West Virginia Chamber of Commerce

DATE: August 13, 2018

RE: Concerns Regarding House Impeachment Proceedings

I am writing to each of you personally this morning to express my grave concerns about the impending House impeachment proceedings. The gravity of the impeachment question weighs heavily with our Chamber members, many of whom are contacting us to express their serious concerns about the consequences of a mass judicial impeachment. Stability and predictability are so fundamentally important to employers that we cannot emphasize enough the jeopardy that an uncertain judiciary creates. The decision you have before you is unprecedented in our state's history, and I therefore want to share with you the views and concerns being expressed by the employers with whom I have spoken.


Many members of the West Virginia Chamber have expressed their serious concerns that the allegations contained in the Articles of Impeachment against Justices Davis, Workman and Walker appear to be subjective. The impeachment of an elected official must be considered only as a last resort, and only upon meeting the highest Constitutional standards. Articles of Impeachment which are based upon subjective and undefined terms such as “unnecessary” or “lavish” may prove to be problematic when the Supreme Court does, in fact, currently retain Constitutional authority over its own budget and spending. Our members are also noting other instances of spending in recent years by both the Legislature and the Governor which others may find to be equally “unnecessary”. The administrative approval of payments for senior status judges by numerous Chief Justices over many years may also have implications regarding the Constitutional mandate to maintain open access for all citizens to our court system.

At this point, criminal charges have been filed only against Justice Loughry and former Justice Ketchum. The wholesale impeachment of the entire Supreme Court at this time has surprised many of our Chamber members as unexpected. The proposed Articles of Impeachment against Justices Davis, Workman and Walker have the potential to set an unwelcome precedent in our state. The mass impeachment of our state’s entire Supreme Court could create chaos in our judicial system. I am terribly troubled by the unanticipated consequences which could flow from this action. On behalf of our member employers who employ over one-half of our state's workforce, I ask that you seriously reconsider the proposed Articles of Impeachment against Justices Davis, Workman and Walker.

West Virginia has made significant progress in improving our economy, and we hope to continue building upon the platform that so many of you are helping to create and maintain. We must not jeopardize these hard fought gains. Thank you for your service and I ask that each of you carefully weigh our concerns, as well as the best interests of the state, as you consider the impeachment matters before you today.

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