Building a Drug-Responsible Workplace


Substance Misuse Toolkit

A drug-responsible workplace benefits your business, your employees and West Virginia communities. In this free, online toolkit, we provide education and resources to equip your business to prevent and respond to substance misuse and support employees in recovery.





This complimentary toolkit is applicable to businesses from all sectors and sizes. You’ll find videos, informational materials and resources that will guide you in preventing and responding to issues surrounding substance misuse that impacts your business and your employees. Six easy-to-watch online training modules (30 minutes or less per video) address:

  • Addiction as a disease
  • Current drug trends impacting the workplace and the workforce
  • A best-practice approach to maintaining a workplace free from the effects of alcohol and other drugs
  • Legal issues and authorities influencing an employer’s handling of employee drug issues
  • Crafting a policy that’s right for YOUR business operations, including how, when, and why to drug test; and responding to medical marijuana
  • How to respond to an employee’s harmful substance use
  • How to effectively support individuals in recovery




This toolkit was made possible by a collaborative partnership between the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce and Marshall Health.

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